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Fast furniture has great utility on the short term, but affects both the environment and the society on the long term. With WOODN STUDIO we aim at helping small carpentry workshops from Romania, by building an online platform for massive wood furniture to be sold internationally.

The products found on our website, such as coffee tables, bedsides, bookshelves or dining tables can be selected from our stock and instantly delivered or custom made following personal preferences. These will create the room where you spend most of your time into a pleasant, aesthetic and functional environment.

By offering exposure and support in the long term sustainable development of the Romanian carpentry workshops, Woodn Studio will have an impact both in the local communities they are part of and on the environment.

We are Adeus and Valentin, and together we created Woodn Studio.

Social Impact Award

Social Impact Award is an educational program in social innovation and a competition of ideas for young people who want to make a change in society in a constructive way. The mission of the project is to promote social entrepreneurship among young people from all over the world. In 2022 the project is present in 18 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

In Romania, the Social Impact Award reached the 11th edition and is organized by Social Innovation Solutions with the support of their partners BCR and SAP.

On Monday, September 26, 2022, the grand final of the Social Impact Award Romania took place, the competition that annually encourages young people with social business ideas, at an international level. Following the pitches of the finalist teams, the jury selected 2 teams that won prizes worth 4000 euro each and the opportunity to go to Vienna in November to meet the winning teams from the other 18 SIA countries, as part of Social Impact Award Summit. At the same time, the public had the opportunity to vote for their favorite team in the Community Vote, and the winner received a prize worth 2000 euro.

We decided to participate at Social Impact Awards especially to develop the social side of the business and to make sure that what we are building is a business with impact. It was very helpful for us to have practical workshops, as well as to connect with our business mentor, Andrei Georgescu, co-fondator Mesteshukar Butiq & Co/rizom. The experience of pitching in front of the jury and a full theatre was incredible for us, full of emotions, and winning the award gave us the validation we needed for our idea, but also a great financial help for the next period, when we will start contacting carpentry workshops. ( Read the entire article here )

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