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Emerald WoodArt

Glina, IF

Our story...

Emerald WoodArt was born in 2018, motivated by the bright and encouraging feedback gained from our clients and friends, to whom we are honored and grateful.

Thus, today we find Emerald WoodArt in full expansion, thanks to all of our customers, collaborators, and dear friends, after we've decided to open our doors to the general public, in June 2020.

We've developed a family-owned company by mixing our passion for woodworking and environmental sustainability, aiming to transform salvaged wood into exquisite WoodArt.

In the first phase, our company collaborated and grew thanks to the recommendations of our friends and first customers. We've started by creating unique dining and coffee tables, and as we learned and evolved, we've expanded production to home and office accessories, including mirror frames and lamps. All made exclusively from salvaged hardwood.

For us, wood-crafting represents passion converted into business. Because we believe that materializing passion can lead to excellence.

Hand-made & Hands-on

Designing our products is a collaborative process, with each client playing an essential role in the creative team.

Once the concept is established, we present and guide our clients through the selection process and available options for each design element (table bases, colors, etc.) and then draft the first sketches.

Each piece we create in our shop is unique, handmade, and customized according to our client's preferences; therefore, prices are provided upon request, based on our clients' needs, creative choices, and adapted to their budgets.


One of our core beliefs is that if we refuse to reuse, it is our Earth that we abuse. This is the primary reason why our products are made mainly out of salvaged hardwood.

We are constantly looking for wood that most furniture manufacturers would reject and sell for firewood. Once in our workshop, we let it acclimate for one week, clean it and straighten it to reveal its unique personality. Wood that apparently has many defects and shortcomings like cracks and nodes is being given a second life by emphasizing the natural inner beauty of those imperfections.

We use epoxy resin to enhance and adorn those particular details and give each piece of furniture or accessory a unique character. By salvaging, recycling, and reusing, we assume an active part in preserving our beautiful home: Earth.