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SEPELAND offers you a wide range of rustic furniture products made of wood, which can beautify both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Quality rustic furniture will always be in fashion. We manufacture furniture products trying to satisfy all the requirements of our customers (beautiful, durable, natural, well-made, affordable price).

The wood used to make the furniture and decoration items is of superior quality, being treated against pests. The substances used to achieve this are not harmful to people and the environment.

Most of our rustic furniture products have a unique character, each finished object has at least one unique characteristic, which gives it a special beauty and an even greater value.

When processing wood, we try to highlight both human creativity and nature's architecture.

We inform all our customers that wood, regardless of the degree of processing, can change its shape and surface over time.

WOOD has the ability to absorb and retain water from the atmosphere. The rapid drying produced in the dryer, as well as the slow drying carried out over time, cannot prevent this characteristic of the wood. For this reason, it will tend to achieve a humidity close to storage conditions. Depending on this humidity, the wooden material can acquire certain cracks or fissures and deformations of its structure. Also, under the influence of temperature, it expands.

A very important thing is the maintenance and cleaning of furniture made of wood. The products will require some attention to have the same shine as on day number 1. We will inform all buyers about this, what to do to clean effectively, what not to do to not degrade and what to do to preserve as long as possible.

Through the furniture made of wood, we can bring a touch of nature, where it is found little or not at all.