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Kenosis Design

Giarmata, Timis

At Kenosis we believe in a world where people feel "at home". Unfortunately, the reality is often much harsher and our value as individuals is rarely valued.

This is how our mission was born: to create a place where every person feels seen, heard, encouraged and appreciated. We work as a team. We work with people. We work with members of the Roma communities and strongly believe that we all deserve to be given a chance. Just as a house takes time, energy and conscious effort to become "home", so our products are created with care and attention to detail to bring value to your home and life.

The most beautiful pieces of wood are often considered scraps and thrown away because of imperfections. It is precisely these imperfect details that we look for, to transform them into something truly beautiful and special.

We let the wood tell its story through irregularities, asymmetrical curves and shades and bring beauty through finishing to what was once seen as ugly and good to throw away.

We treat wood to enhance its natural characteristics, in the same way that we enhance the individuality and potential of each person in our team. We work with people. We work with resin, wood inserts and leather, and that s why our products are meant to last for generations.